Our aim is to produce superbly constructed buildings for our clients in the most efficient and intelligent way possible. What separates us from our peers:

– Design Appreciation
– Professional Team
– Awards

Design Appreciation

Our appreciation for quality design and the aesthetics of the finished project means we place greater emphasis on attention to detail – it’s our passion. It is also part of our identity, with the Greek letter Phi representing the Golden Ratio, incorporated in our logo. Related to the Fibonacci Sequence, the Golden Ratio describes the perfect relationship between two proportions and is used in architecture, paintings, sculptures, photography and design.

The details are not the details,
they make the design

  • Charles Eames

Professional Team

At Newmark we believe people matter. From architects and clients, to our staff and network of exceptional consultants and sub-contractors, everyone is empowered to share their knowledge and bring their expertise to life. Our teams apply a solutions-focused mindset at all times.

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2018 Master Builders Association – Young Builder of the Year

2018 Master Builders Association – Excellence in Housing Renovations/Alterations/Additions $1.35m – $1.5m

2013 Master Builders Association – Apprentice of the Year – Daniel Farrow

2012 Master Builders Association – Excellence in Housing Duplexes and Townhouses $450,000 – $600,000

1996 Master Builders Association – Apprentice of the Year – Mark Newman

Building better

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