Aussie developers build feng shui homes to meet growing market

“Small property developers have turned to feng shui principles in a bid to snare foreign buyers, following in the footsteps of larger corporate companies, such as Stockland.”

As part of our development project due for completion in June 2016 we incorporated feng shui principles with the assistance of a feng shui master. This was as a result of gauging the local market and establishing what was important to them. Recently the The Daily Telegraph ran a story on developers incorporating feng shui principles in their projects and featured our Chatswood project in their story. Read the full article below

Aussie developers build feng shui homes to meet growing market

Five important feng shui rules to look out for

1. The kitchen should not be in the middle of a floor plan, they call this “burning the heart”; a layout that could threaten the family’s health and fortune.

2. The bathroom should be hidden to the side somewhere, because it is regarded as a dirty place. It should never be in the middle of a property and should never be visible from the main entrance.

3. The kitchen should never be near the toilet.

4. Internal staircases must be carefully placed. If the staircase is on the western side and going upwards, it means your wife is likely to be unfaithful. If on the eastern side and going underground, the husband is the one who will play up.

5. There should never be a tree directly in front of the front door. It takes oxygen from the family. To the side is OK, but never directly in front. This is why some Chinese families have mirrors at their front door.

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