Transparent Tendering

3:59 pm

Would you like to know how your builder comes to the price he does for your renovation or new house?

Builders traditionally keep this information to themselves and all you, the client, are allowed to know is what the final number is, take it or leave it.

To us this doesn’t make sense, so we do it differently. At Newmark we believe transparency and communication is the best way to create trust in the relationship and the only way to a successful project. This means showing our clients the costs and how we came to the final number.

To prepare a quote properly it takes somewhere between 40 -80 hours. Every item needs to be measured and added to the Bill of Quantities (BOQ), rates and prices for materials are then put against each item. Labour is allocated to each task, supervision, costs to set up and dismantle the site, insurance…the list goes on.

When we tender a project we work with the client as we come to a final number, we share our information and get feedback prior to the quote being finalised. After all its your house not ours, we just want to help you be as happy as possible when its all over and make the journey to the first night in your new home as pain free as possible. Your going to be here for a long time, the last thing you want is a horrible first memory of your new house.

If you would like to know more about our transparent tendering process please feel free to contact us.