Why use an Architect

I often get asked why should I use an architect over a draftsman, are architects worth the extra money?

If you want a good design that looks right, takes into consideration the neighbouring surrounds and works internally then in my opinion yes, good Architects are worth every cent. Think, would real estate advertisements include the words ‘Architect designed’ if it didn’t add value to a property.

When you walk into a well-designed home it just feels right. This is no accident and is the result of the architect taking the time to design the building to give the occupant that feeling.

Draftsman have their place in the industry but I feel some houses miss the mark and don’t quite achieve the outcome for the owner which was sought by them at the outset.

Architects spend seven years training, five years at university and two years of practical experience before they become qualified. Draftsman can complete a two year TAFE diploma and are ready to go.

If you want something with the ‘wow’ factor and are spending more than a few hundred thousand dollars on your renovation or new house, set aside the extra money for an Architect, you will be glad you did when it’s all complete.