Bushfire Conference Presentation

Our Director Mark Newman recently presented from stage at the annual Blue Mountains Economic Enterprise conference. Held on Friday 9 September the Building Conference was a highly successful event with over 150 delegates attending. This is the only national event that brings together builders, architects, designers, planners, researchers, regulators and insurers to explore issues around building in a bushfire-prone area.…

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Feng Shui

Mark Newman was recently interviewed and appeared in a Channel 9 story about Feng Shui in modern Sydney developments. It was something which was incorporated into the design of our recent project at Chatswood, Sydney. Newmark along with our Architects and Interior Designers worked together with a Feng Shui Master. A successful project was achieved, many thanks to all involved.…

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Aussie developers build feng shui homes to meet growing market

As part of our development project due for completion in June 2016 we incorporated feng shui principles with the assistance of a feng shui master. This was as a result of guaging the local market and establishing what was important to them. Recently the The Daily Telegraph ran a story on developers incorporating fung shui principles in their projects and featured our…

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Building in Bushfire Zones with Ku-ring-gai Council

Given our experience in bushfire zones, we were recently invited by Ku-ring-gai Council to discuss some of the challenges and materials which can be used, as part of their sustainability program. Further information specific to Ku-ring-gai Council can be found on their website here.

Transparent Tendering

Would you like to know how your builder comes to the price he does for your renovation or new house? Builders traditionally keep this information to themselves and all you, the client, are allowed to know is what the final number is, take it or leave it. To us this doesn't make sense, so we do it differently. At Newmark…

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What are PC and PS items?

Confused about these building industry acronyms, don’t worry some builders don’t know the difference either. PC stands for Prime Cost item. A Prime Cost item is an amount of money which has been allowed for an items in the project for which the labour which goes with that item has been included within the total price of the project. The…

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9 tips on how to compare builders quotes

Let’s imagine you have had your design completed, received council approval and now want to find a builder to undertake your project. You have gone out to the market, been referred to some different builders by friends, your architect and maybe a neighbour. You now have three quotes in your possession, with prices ranging by tens of thousands, which do…

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Nature Conservation Trust Media release

Contributor Mark Newman, director of award-winning Newmark Construction – experienced specialists in building homes within bushfire zones – outlines an introduction to Australian Standard 3959, the regulation governing building or renovating in a designated Bushfire Prone Area. Bushfires aren’t a necessary evil. They’re just necessary. An integral part of Australia’s ecological well-being, many native plant species have evolved to variously…

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Why use an Architect

I often get asked why should I use an architect over a draftsman, are architects worth the extra money? If you want a good design that looks right, takes into consideration the neighbouring surrounds and works internally then in my opinion yes, good Architects are worth every cent. Think, would real estate advertisements include the words 'Architect designed' if it…

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How do they test for BAL40 Doors and Windows?

Residential bushfire building products come under intense (and expensive!) testing to make sure they meet the required standards set for them by the CSIRO. There are only a few companies committed to developing these products, and AWS is one of them. They’ve produced this video to show how their windows and doors are tested to meet the BAL40 standard.

Thinking Through Your Needs

For most people a home is much more than a place to live, it's a long-term investment. Your renovation decisions will have important consequences for your future living costs and quality of life, so you want to get it right. When you're planning your renovation it's easy to focus on the short term, 'What can I afford right now?' But…

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Double Glazed Windows

Double glazing is a great way to reduce your homes heat loss through winidows. The introduction of a space between two panels of glass creates a barrier which retains heat which would otherwise pass directly through a single pain of glass. The material of the window frame can also substantially effect the overall window performance. Materials with high heat conductance…

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What Is Possible With My Renovation

We're often asked what is possible when people are starting to scope out their renovation. The answer is actually as broad as the question. ANYTHING is possible. Can I remove this load bearing wall and make it open plan? YES. Can I knock out that wall and insert sliding doors? YES. Can I have entire walls of glass? YES (see…

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MBA Member

MBA membership provides a wide range of professional services designed to assist businesses. Services provided are in key areas such as industrial relations, occupational health & safety, legal & contracts, training and government regulations. Members are constantly updated on changes affecting business, particularly in the vital matters of industry codes and practices, legal and contractual responsibilities, safety issues, industrial and…

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