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Mark Newman

Founder & Managing Director

In 2009 Mark took Newmark Constructions from a small one-man operation into a medium-sized company with the versatility to take on increasingly challenging and complex projects throughout Sydney. Five years on, Newmark is thriving and growing year on year in large part to the loyalty of clients who continue to refer their friends and family to the business.

“I was first attracted to the building industry from school as I enjoyed working with my hands, wood work and tech-drawing were my favourite subjects at school. I also enjoyed fixing things with my Dad around the house at any opportunity. From there I found myself drawn to the building site and once I smelled the freshly cut timber climbing around on the roof I knew carpentry was for me.”

Mark worked as a carpenter on luxury residential projects from age 16 to 25. Carpentry eventually gave way to the management and business side of the industry. With a drive and desire to expand his horizons Mark studied Construction Management at University before moving in to the commercial sector of the industry. This experience has proved invaluable as Mark now brings both the business and financial acumen to manage large projects as well as the problem solving nous from his time ‘on the tools’.

Mark has witnessed the despair of poor client service and horror tales of shoddy workmanship during his 20 years in the industry. The catalyst for creating Newmark was to offer a new level of service and professionalism that was more in keeping with the huge financial and emotional investment clients made when committing to their dream project.

“The greatest compliment I can be paid is to receive a referral from a raving, happy client.”

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Rebecca Newman

Founder & Communications Director

Rebecca studied marketing, communications and management performance at university before finding her calling managing complex bids and tenders for multinational construction companies. Rebecca facilitated and coordinated teams of engineers, designers and executives to secure major infrastructure projects throughout the Asia Pacific.

“I have a background in communications, consultation and tendering. This affords me understanding of the systems, tools and processes used at the big end of town. It also gives me great insight into the client demands for quality, service, reliability and budget assurance from my exposure to Australia’s largest, most expensive and complex building and infrastructure projects.”

Newmark clients, without even knowing it, are grateful that Rebecca is involved with the business. Rebecca’s unrelenting high standards and passion for communication ensure Newmark continues to lead the way in better understanding and responding to client needs and engaging with them to achieve their vision.

“I’m passionate about people and performance. If I can inspire people to perform at the best of their abilities and surprise themselves by exceeding their own expectations then I have done my job.”

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