Do you already have drawings or approved plans?

Thinking about renovating but not sure where to start?

Fed up with builders that over-promise and under-deliver?

Creating the newmark in building excellence

Newmark custom builds new homes and renovates old homes. Most of our projects are between $1m and to $3m on Sydney’s lower and upper north shore, and northern suburbs.

The happiness of our clients is everything to us at Newmark. The ultimate compliment we are paid is continuous referrals from our happy and loyal clients. Having accurately scoped the project at the start, we deliver projects on time, every time and on budget.

Don’t just take our word for it; hear it from our ‘raving happy clients’. Our website and blog are filled with testimonials from our clients and they are only too happy to share their Newmark experience with you.

If you already have drawings and plans, looking for a master builder for your Sydney home, or just need some advice to get started, call us at Newmark today.

Three great reasons to contact Newmark.

  1. Reliability

    We do what we say we will and when! Every step of the way you will experience a team that delivers on our promises – we meet your budget, your timeframes, and your high quality standards. We leave a clean site every day and our team is punctual, polite and well presented.

  2. Communication

    Like any relationship, communication is the keystone to building your trust. From phone calls, emails, a client-only web portal, facebook, site meetings and thorough meeting minutes you won’t get last minute surprises. We place so much importance on communicating effectively with you it’s in our guarantee!

  3. Attention to Detail

    It’s often the little things that make the difference between a good project and a great project. We leave no stone unturned in accurately scoping your project and our attention to detail in delivering quality is second to none. One of our team members is on your site every day to give you confidence that quality is never compromised.

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About Newmark

Newmark is passionate about creating ‘the newmark in building excellence’. This means providing you a level of service rarely experienced in the residential building industry. Our enthusiasm for delivering you five-star service is as strong at the end of the project as the start.

In practical terms, we deliver this service by incorporating five essential and interrelated elements: team; specialist knowledge; quality workmanship; systems and processes; and professionalism.

We believe so strongly in getting things right that we have incorporated the Greek symbol Phi (φ) into our logo. Phi has been used throughout history to represent the ratio of the Golden Section. Ancient architects used the Golden Section to determine divine proportions in their buildings; in other words an innate sense of perfection you can feel.

When Mark Newman founded Newmark he did it with a vision to raise the bar with regard to quality. He set out to do this through proactive communication and considering the overall client experience, given these are the two key areas residential building clients are often subjected to less than ideal treatment, and often comment on. This seemed an obvious place to start as a point of difference as it is an area many trades businesses lack an appreciation for and provided an opportunity for him to combine his high-end residential experience with the service delivery standards from his commercial experience.